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Life is increasingly complicated and we live in anxious times. There is little space to de-stress and take stock of the world around us and our sense of place and belonging within it. There are so many distractions preventing us from slowing down and examining important life issues, such as relationships and connections, life and work balance, digital media, texts, emails and the fast, often aggressive pace of life and work that can fragment our attention and focus. These things intensify anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.

Counselling can provide a space for self-reflection. A listening space is an increasingly rare opportunity to feel heard and understood in a hectic and complex world. If you are particularly sensitive to your environment and feel sensory overload more quickly than others, are neurodivergent, neuroqueer, or a gentle soul I might be a good fit for you. I am nerodivergent and resist the pathalogising inherent in the medical and therapeutic systems.

I work from an intersectional, trans-inclusive feminist perspective. Humanistic, existential philosophy is my therapeutic approach.

This counselling service aims to provide you with a safe and confidential space for you to get help and support from a qualified professional. It can often be easier to talk openly with someone outside of friends, colleagues and family because a more objective alliance can be formed between client and counsellor. We can determine together what areas you wish to focus on, or allow the work to evolve naturally. I work in a holistic way that respects your individual as well as community and intergenerational heritage and experience.

I am particularly interested in working with older people, dealing with health challenges, chronic conditions, hormonal issues, life changes, loss etc and also depression, anxiety, exhaustion and burnout. I am also interested in how nutrition and environment can affect mental and physical wellbeing in powerful ways.

I offer online sessions only, which can be more accessible/ flexible if you are unable to travel, maybe live with a disability, are living in an isolated location or work outside of the usual working hours. I offer counselling, supervision and mentoring, with an emphasis on explorations of existing within systems of globalisation, being with our own and other's differences and sameness, and deep reflection in order to enhance our self-understanding and impact on others. We live in an increasingly extremist and violent world that oppresses non-normativity. I work within a contextual frame that sees you in a holistic way. Everyone is unique but often there are reoccuring patterns in life for all of us.

Additionally, I work with the impact of the harms we accrue over time. These harms can be the result of early attachment issues, abuse, medical interventions or loss, gender/sex based oppressions, queer-phobia, or ableism and so much more. There are endless ways in which such harm embeds its way into a life. I am a queer ace-spec lesbian and experience many of these micro-aggressions on a regular basis so have an understanding of how such experiences can manifest.

Beginning counselling can be challenging and a brave step to take, but it can also be really rewarding, and requires a commitment of time, and the willingness to participate as fully as possible in order to get the best out of therapy.  Developing awareness of self, our histories and context,  and the impact we have on others, can be profoundly life changing. Being able to challenge ourselves and our views on life can fundamentally alter our mental and physical wellbeing.

Consider an initial consultation to begin your journey.


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